Roma, Italy

We're here!  Sorry this has taken so long, and now I only have a few minutes to write... We've been in Rome about 1 week now and are finally recovering from jet lag =).  We are staying and working with the local church here in the southern part of the city in the neighborhood of Laurentino.  This area is affectionately called the "ghetto of Rome."  The building we're staying in serves as a community center, a church (for multiple different groups), and housing for the entire team and our fabulous host couple.  Our activities so far have included community service projects like picking up trash in the park, volunteering at a drop-in center for refugees, participating in and helping to host a weekly community dinner, and just spending time in the neighborhood building friendships and relationships...and drinking lots of espresso and exploring this beautiful city in our free time.  Speaking of which, I have an espresso appointment with another team member now, so I'll sign off.  Love and blessings to all!

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