last days in Rome

Community picnic in the park
Hello everyone!

Park cleanup
We're within 2 days of departure from Rome, Italy, to Milan, Italy where we'll spend the remaining 8 weeks of our YWAM adventure.  We have had so many great opportunities here in the community of Laurentina during our stay, as well as some surrounding areas.  Our activities included: helping the church host a picnic at the park for the community the Monday after Easter (an additional holiday here), picking up trash several afternoons a week at the park, volunteering at a community center that serves refugees from countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, serving dinners for the community at the church, participating with another church's youth evenings, and doing cleanup and minor landscaping projects for our hosts. 

Jason's lasagna for 40! (community dinner)

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the sort of things we've been doing here in Rome...it has been a combination of community service projects and more specific ministry times, all in conjunction with the local church here in Laurentina. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Italy thus far and will be sad to leave our delightful hosts and the new friends we have made here.

Wildflowers along the road near the house

We're not sure what to expect in the next phase of the trip, but we're excited about whatever is ahead!  Thanks to you all for your thoughts, interest, support, and prayers.  

We love and miss you!
Sara for us

Our amazing hosts on the rooftop terrace


Roma, Italy

We're here!  Sorry this has taken so long, and now I only have a few minutes to write... We've been in Rome about 1 week now and are finally recovering from jet lag =).  We are staying and working with the local church here in the southern part of the city in the neighborhood of Laurentino.  This area is affectionately called the "ghetto of Rome."  The building we're staying in serves as a community center, a church (for multiple different groups), and housing for the entire team and our fabulous host couple.  Our activities so far have included community service projects like picking up trash in the park, volunteering at a drop-in center for refugees, participating in and helping to host a weekly community dinner, and just spending time in the neighborhood building friendships and relationships...and drinking lots of espresso and exploring this beautiful city in our free time.  Speaking of which, I have an espresso appointment with another team member now, so I'll sign off.  Love and blessings to all!


Italy, here we come!

Sail boat ride in the SF Bay!
Sunrise overlooking the city of SF

Three months has come and gone in a flash and we are in the middle of our last full day here in SF with less then 24hrs to go till departure time for Italy! While it seems time has sped by, the amazing things we learned from so many great teachers while being here has been very impact-full in our lives. Also the time spent building relationships with the people of San Francisco has been a wonderful experience and we are very blessed to have been a part of the community here during our stay. We definitely are leaving part of our heart here as we leave for the next phase of our time in YWAM.  We plan on being in Rome for three weeks working with a church there and then heading north to Milan for the remainder of out time also working with a church there. We will return to San Fransisco towards the end of June for our graduation and debrief time.
Golden Gate bridge with Sara's parents who came to visit us!

Please keep us in your prayers as we go. Our goal is to serve and support the churches we will be working with and to overall bless them while being there and working alongside of them.