last days in Rome

Community picnic in the park
Hello everyone!

Park cleanup
We're within 2 days of departure from Rome, Italy, to Milan, Italy where we'll spend the remaining 8 weeks of our YWAM adventure.  We have had so many great opportunities here in the community of Laurentina during our stay, as well as some surrounding areas.  Our activities included: helping the church host a picnic at the park for the community the Monday after Easter (an additional holiday here), picking up trash several afternoons a week at the park, volunteering at a community center that serves refugees from countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, serving dinners for the community at the church, participating with another church's youth evenings, and doing cleanup and minor landscaping projects for our hosts. 

Jason's lasagna for 40! (community dinner)

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the sort of things we've been doing here in Rome...it has been a combination of community service projects and more specific ministry times, all in conjunction with the local church here in Laurentina. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Italy thus far and will be sad to leave our delightful hosts and the new friends we have made here.

Wildflowers along the road near the house

We're not sure what to expect in the next phase of the trip, but we're excited about whatever is ahead!  Thanks to you all for your thoughts, interest, support, and prayers.  

We love and miss you!
Sara for us

Our amazing hosts on the rooftop terrace

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