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This week was again a full one, with classes every morning, some evenings, and community outreach/service projects in the afternoons.  Highlights included a time of reflection/processing at the beach one morning and the long walk home, an amazing week of class: insights, inspiration, growth, encouragement, and increased closeness as a team, a special Valentine's dinner at Knob Hill Café with antique cable car transportation, flowers from a street vendor, and watching the Chinese New Year Parade with thousands of participants along with approximately one million onlookers.  (The parade is said to be one of the top 10 parades in the world, and proved to be a fun cultural community event.)
Class quotes from Plumbline (taught by Jerry Preatzal, Montana):
  • It's not the past that makes up who we are, it's what we do with it.
  • If you don't deal with issues, they'll deal with you!
  • If the enemy cannot keep you out of the past, he'll keep you in it.
  • The person who leaves his past at the cross, takes up a new life.
  • When pain occurs and we "stuff it", we numb our emotions, compromise our will (turn to addictions), and live solely from our minds.  However, the glory of God is a person fully alive (mind, will, and emotions).
  • Jesus offers to take our lives of pain, guilt, shame, mistakes, and failures and exchange it for a life of freedom--a redeemed life: a totally new, alive person!
  • Unbelief disqualifies God.  It says, "I know you're all-powerful and loving, but not with me."
  • We are forgiven people who forgive others.
  • "Whoever's sin you retain (hang onto) on earth, will be bound in heaven."  Unforgiveness is a binding contract between parties that can be broken by one person, freeing all involved.
  • Humility (being willing to be known for who you are) draws God's presence.

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