Life, Gelato, and Soccer


Sara looking great drinking her favorite beverage; Coffee
Gelato is something worth getting excited about!
      Our time in Italy is going well and we've been having a good time building relationships with the local church and community here so that's been cool and rewarding.
Classical accordion concert inside a old historic church with some talented performers!
We’ve been going to the local park and on several occasions I have been able to play soccer with a few of the local young guys. I'm terrible compared to them, but they love having me play with them anyhow. I always come away feeling like an old man from all the running and trying to keep up with them (yes, I have scored a goal once or twice J ). Yesterday one of the guys told me that I'm like his adopted brother… which I thought was pretty cool!  I'm hoping to use the relationships I've been building with them to get them connected with the local church and youth group at our upcoming community barbecue which we have planned on the 14th of June.

 We've been spending time together as a team doing some wonderful things such as going to a free concert, getting gelato with our host family, and living life together. This trip has been amazing in large part to the wonderful people we get to spend so much time with and just do life together.
A few of us in Milan at a free outdoor classical music concert!

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