1st week in Cali...

We are here in CA, and it’s a balmy 65 degrees outside while the snow flies in Lancaster, PA! It’s hard to believe we have been here for over a week already, but we are quickly falling in love with this city, our fellow YWAM’ers, and the people on the streets. We have begun building relationships and investing in those around us while getting a solid stream of amazing teaching and practical hands on experience in the short time we have been here. We know this is where God wants us and look forward to all the stuff we will learn and more importantly what God will do in our hearts over this time. We are living on base here at the YWAM base with the rest of the crew and have a delightful little room with our own bathroom and mini kitchen all to ourselves (thankfully we were not separated to the men and women’s dorms as Sara kept telling me might happen)! We eat all our meals together, minister together, learn together, pray together, and have fun together, etc., so there is a big emphasis on community which we have really been enjoying.

Probably the biggest lesson God is getting through to me so far is this and I quote Will Strickland who taught on worship last week; “Don’t let fear define you, don’t let others define you, don’t even let yourself define who you are, let God define who you are as a person.” For me that means not saying “God you can use me for this, but you can’t use me for this over here”. Or “yes, I can do that, but no way, I don’t have what it takes to do this.” When I can learn to walk in the confidence of who he is calling me to be, I am no longer confined or controlled by my fear or who I think I am, but am set free to be who God calls me and wants me to be! And then God can do whatever he wants through me and call out talents and things in me I didn’t even know he placed within me. Only then can I be truly who God made me to be. So exciting, and I’m look forward to living life out of that reality!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support! We love you all!

We are loving life in the Tenderloin (aka homeless district) in San Francisco.  This past week has been chocked full with lectures, ministry opportunities, book studies, getting to know the rest of the group (formally and informally), and exploring the city together.  It has already proven to be a stretching and sometimes exhausting schedule, but we are SO excited for the opportunity we have to be here!
During one of our exploratory walks this week, I was really impressed with the beauty and potential that exists here.  Sometimes it's easy to overlook with all the overwhelming needs, but I just got an image of God wanting to bring restoration to this place.  Back story: I love old houses, old vehicles, old furniture, etc., and like to think I have an imaginative eye for what things could potentially look like if they were restored.  I had to think, what about people?  How often do I see past the obvious and realize there is unique potential and beauty within every human being.  As we heard in class last week, each person reflects an aspect of God's character in a way that nobody else does.  Hmm, food for thought.
Speaking of which, it's dinner time so I must sign off.  Love and blessings to all!

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