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So, perhaps some of you are wondering what's going on presently, between now and our 2014/2015 travel plans. 

School: I completed coursework for my BSN the week before last (yay!!!), so I spent a great deal of time over the past months doing final school projects.  It is such a relief and feels like a great accomplishment to have that finished!  This past week I celebrated completing school by spending a week in north Florida with my Aunt Clara and extended family. 

Florida: I had an amazing time and very much enjoyed the change of pace as well as catching up with family.  Aunt Clara taught me much about the culinary art of southern-style cooking!  Jason drove down to FL to meet me and arrived Saturday afternoon in time for supper with aunts, uncles, and cousins.  He even got to benefit from my new cooking skills Sunday morning with southern biscuits!  After church we again had a meal with the extended family prior to traveling north.  We’re currently on our way home; we found a wonderful place to stay in Savannah, GA and took time to see a bit of the town last night and this morning before continuing our road trip.

House: Jason has continued slaving away at remodeling an apartment for us to move into this week.  Yes, for those of you who hadn't heard, we're moving across town to an upstairs apartment for a few months.  Our current residence is rented out for the duration of our travels to friends who are planning a November wedding, so we're moving to another location for several months until we leave so that they can move into the house.  That said, the evenings and weekends over the past few months have been filled with scraping, painting, renovating kitchen/bath, etc. at our “new” place.  Jason did the lion’s share of the work while I finished up school assignments. 

Theoretically, the craziness will diminish in the next few weeks with the house, move, and school behind us.  I’m hopeful that this will give us the needed time to focus on trip planning and preparation.  There are many details that must yet fall into place and much we hope to do prior to departure.  I expect our “free time” to be spent in the following ways: entertaining/hanging out with family and friends, fundraising activities (any great ideas? Let us know!), final training of staff for Jason at The Fence Experts, completing unfinished projects at the house, and eventually, shopping and packing.

We are extremely grateful for the amazing support of family and friends in this upcoming venture.  Thank you for being involved and interested in our lives. 

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  1. I found your blog thru Rachal. And it was interesting to me....your Aunt Clara was at my yard sale on Saturday and told me about a niece being here and I made the connection that you are John's sister, right? But I couldn't remember if I had ever met you? So now I can put a face to the name! :) We live next door neighbors to Jonas & Emma! :)
    Sounds like an interesting road ahead for you two....what fun to travel! :) God bless~