why global perspectives: 102?

In explanation of the title, I believe this adventure is simply a continuation of our life up to this point.  We’ve already had amazing opportunities to spend time in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Central America, so traversing the globe isn’t a completely new concept.  However, this isn’t just about seeing the world and helping where needed.  This also seems to be the beginning of a new chapter of life for us in several ways.  For one thing, this is the first time we’re planning to travel without a definite plan to return.  (Don’t panic, we’ll be back, just not promising to stay back forever!)  

My view:
Somehow throughout the past months I’ve become more detached from my “need” for an American lifestyle.  Doubtless, I am extremely grateful for what I have and the opportunities that have been available to me.  And as yet we have no clear direction at this point to permanently move elsewhere.  However, before completely settling down in Lancaster indefinitely, we both [individually] determined that we would like to expose ourselves in a greater way to the happenings and needs in the world.  (And yes, reading Radical by David Pratt and later, Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker had something to do with it!) 
Regardless, I could get completely excited about coming back home after 20 months abroad and jumping back into life in Lancaster, PA or moving to a bigger US city and being involved in an urban setting (which happens to be one reason we chose an urban-focused YWAM training school).  If so, I anticipate having a greater capacity to understand cultural diversity and to use our travel connections to stay involved in cross-cultural missions at some level.  Additionally, I expect my exposure to world needs to continue to alter my values and the way I live my life.  How can I live selfishly while continually being exposed to the needs of those immediately around me as well as the world at large?  May God keep me from getting too comfortable and calloused! 
Alternately, if we are given both the opportunity and the calling to transplant long-term outside the country, I could get equally excited about that move.  In other words, I have NO IDEA what is happening after 2015, but I suppose that is part of the adventure!  Somehow in my personal experience God hasn’t often shown the final destination, just a step or two in a direction. 
That’s what global perspectives: 102 means for me:
Just a guy and a girl.  Together going where God leads.  Uncertain of the implications or destination, but enjoying and celebrating the process of discovery.

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  1. I'm so excited about this new journey for you guys! God has big stuff up His sleeves... :D